Things to Consider When Installing a TV Outdoors

Watching TV outdoors can be a relaxing way to spend a warm summer evening. An outdoor TV can also serve as a source of entertainment or information in venues such as restaurants, sports stadiums and amusement parks. In this post, we’ll provide some helpful tips for installing outdoor electronics, covering key areas such as power sources, speakers, wiring and much more.

Choosing the Right Television — Can I Use an “Indoor” TV Outside?

A common mistake when installing a television outdoors is not choosing a model that’s rated for outdoor use. Outdoor TVs are designed to reduce glare — if you’ve ever attempted to view a laptop screen in an outdoor setting, you’re already familiar with the glare issues that can occur even on cloudy days. Outdoor televisions are also more resistant to moisture, temperature variations, wind and insects, while providing a longer operating cycle than most indoor TVs as well.

In addition, you’ll need to choose the proper size screen for the viewing area. You will likely need a television with a much larger screen, as most viewers will be farther away from the set than when watching in a living room or family room. Also, keep in mind that if you use an indoor TV in an outdoor setting, it’s likely that the manufacturer’s warranty will not cover any subsequent damage.

Where to Mount Your Outdoor TV

Your decision regarding where to mount your outdoor TV will have a direct impact on the viewing experience — for better or worse. Ideally, you’ll want to choose a spot that’s protected from the elements and does not receive direct sunlight. Helpful outdoor TV mounting ideas include ensuring the TV faces the south, as this will minimize the sun exposure, or installing it inside a gazebo or under an awning. Using an articulating mount will provide greater flexibility to move and tilt the TV to adapt to the size of the audience and the varying lighting conditions.

Also, be sure to mount the device inside a weatherproof TV enclosure. A mount designed for indoor use will not be able to withstand the effects of the environment and will eventually rust and deteriorate. Most indoor mounts are not constructed to accommodate the combined weight of a larger outdoor TV and enclosure, either.

How to Plan Outdoor Speakers

Installing outdoor speakers poses yet another challenge when creating the perfect television environment. Since the sound will need to encompass a larger viewing area, you’ll want bigger, more powerful speakers that can deliver adequate, if not exceptional, audio quality. While many outdoor TVs on the market will meet your requirements, you may also want to enhance the sound by connecting the TV to external speakers.

You’ll find a wide selection of external speakers that are compatible with most outdoor TV models. As when purchasing an outdoor TV, you’ll need to select speakers that are rated for outdoor use and that will provide adequate coverage for the size of the area. Also, depending on the location, you may have to take into consideration any noise laws or ordinances to avoid an unexpected visit from your friendly neighborhood police department!

If you only need to supply sound to a patio or enclosed area, small portable speakers will probably get the job done. You can even find solar-powered models that will help to cut down on your electricity bills. You can also purchase much larger speakers that will provide more robust sound for larger or open areas. Your budget will play a role in your speaker selection — you can find outdoor speakers prices from as low as $200 to as high $1,000 or more for a pair. And you may want to consider buying more than one pair of speakers if you’re seeking to maximize the audio experience when watching TV.

Outdoor Power Considerations

If there is no readily available electrical power source near your TV placement location, you’ll need to run power to the area. This will likely require laying cabling from the existing outlets to the TV, as well as from the TV to any additional wired speakers. To make sure this is done correctly, you should work with a licensed electrical contractor who is well-versed in installing safe outdoor electrical wiring.

Lippolis Electric Can Perform a Professional Outdoor TV Installation

As you can see, installing a television outside entails much more than hauling the set outside and plugging it in. And working with any electrical wiring always comes with the risk of fire or electrocution. Unless you have previous outdoor TV installation experience, the prudent move is to enlist the services of a professional electrician.

At Lippolis Electric, we can handle every aspect of your outdoor TV installation project. We know how to install outdoor speakers, run cabling and properly mount your television, so it provides the best possible viewing experience. You’ll receive reliable support from a capable electrical contract that has been proudly serving Westchester, Duchess and Putnam Counties since 1984.

If you’re thinking of installing a television outdoors, contact the pros at Lippolis Electric for a free estimate today.

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