Commercial Electrical Contracting


Count on us to handle the installation of your entire new commercial or industrial facility to meet your present and future power requirements.

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If you’re remodeling the interior of your facility, we’ll provide the electrical services you need and ensure all work meets relevant electrical codes.

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We have the specialized knowledge required to ensure safe and efficient power distribution in low-voltage systems.

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We have the skill and knowledge this essential electrical component requires to provide the best results for your business.

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We offer quick, reliable emergency repair services to help get your facility back up and running faster.

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Comprehensive design build services ensure quicker project delivery, better communication, and less risk of a mistake.

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Lippolis Electric has the experience, equipment, manpower and expertise to handle the unique electrical requirements of commercial and industrial facilities across the tri-state region. We offer superior commercial electrical contracting services for projects of all sizes and scopes, from traditional wiring to medical and fire system installations and much more. You can count on our team of well-trained technicians to do the job right the first time.

New Construction

Are you planning the construction of a brand-new commercial or industrial facility? As an experienced electrical contractor, Lippolis Electric can handle your entire new service installation, including complete building power and distribution. We will work closely with all other trade contractors and professionals as needed to ensure your electrical installation will meet present and future power requirements.

Interior Renovation

If you’re renovating the interior of your facility, we can provide the wiring services for your heavy equipment, lighting and any other electrical needs. We’ll also make sure all work meets all relevant electrical codes.

Low Voltage

Low-voltage electrical systems require a specialized knowledge and expertise to ensure efficient and safe power distribution. Lippolis Electric is your source for reliable installation and wiring for all types of low-voltage systems including:

  • Tele-Data
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Medical Alert Systems
  • Intercom Systems



Switchgear is essential equipment in the efficient transmission of electrical power. Whether your company needs new switchgear installed or a current system upgrade, we can provide the best solution for your company. We have the knowledge and skill required to work with all vital switchgear components, including fuses, switches and circuit breakers, as well as switchgear control systems such as control panels, transformers and relays.

Design Build Services

Designing a new industrial or commercial facility poses a number of challenges. We offer comprehensive design build services where we serve as the single entity for your project. This ensures a faster, more efficient project delivery that also reduces the risk of a costly mistake.

 Emergency & Repairs

Do you know who to call when you need prompt, reliable electrical repair work at your commercial or industrial facility? At Lippolis Electric, we take great pride in our ability to handle virtually any type of electrical repair job. We understand the importance of completing an electrical repair quickly to keep any resulting unproductive downtime to a minimum — and to keep your workers safe. We offer 24/7 emergency electrical repair services. Just give us a call whenever you need us!


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