Electrical Panel Installation

That little metal box in your basement or garage with all those switches might not look like much — but it may be one of the most important items in your home. That box holds the electrical panel, which serves as the main distribution center for your home’s electric circuitry. Your home’s power supply flows through the electrical panel via branch circuits, which connect to the panel through circuit breakers. These breakers serve as automatic safety switches that will prevent damage to circuits caused by excess current flow resulting from overloads or short circuits.

With our increasing use of electrical devices such as computers, printers and various household appliances, the circuit breaker box plays a more prominent home safety role than ever. Consider a situation where you plug a printer into the same AC outlet as your computer. This can produce more amperage than the circuit can handle, which can result in an overload that sparks a devastating electrical fire. Properly functioning circuit breakers will shut off the power before this can occur.

Upgrading Your Circuit Breaker Box

If you live in an older home or plug in an abundance of electrical appliances and devices, your current electrical panel may not be able to accommodate a heavy power load. You may need to upgrade the electrical panel and its various components including the circuit breakers, hot bus bars, neutral bar and ground bar. If your panel is obsolete, it might require a new electrical panel installation.

The Need for a Professional Electrical Panel Installation

There are numerous factors involved in a circuit breaker box installation. You’ll need to plan the position of all devices that will connect to each circuit such as appliances, fixtures, switches and receptacles. You’ll also need to be sure the new circuit breakers can accommodate the power load. Depending on the scope of the project and your municipality’s electrical code, you may need to acquire a permit before getting started.

The actual circuit breaker box installation process can be tricky. One misstep could cause significant damage to your home’s electrical circuitry — and could also result in a serious injury or even death. An electrical panel installation is not a do-it-yourself project. You should enlist the services of a professional, certified electrician to ensure the job is done quickly, efficiently — and safely.

Lippolis Electric Will Perform a Professional Electrical Panel Installation in Westchester, NY

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