Electric Meter Installation

An electric meter is that small device typically attached to an exterior wall of a home that measures the amount of electricity consumed by the occupants. By reading the meter, your utility company can determine how much to charge you each month for providing electrical service. While meters formerly required reading by power company employees who would travel from one property to another, advances in technology have now made remote meter reading possible.

Analog vs. Digital “Smart” Electric Meters

There are two basic types of electric meters in use today. Analog meters are the traditional version and consist of spinning dials that can be confusing to read for the average homeowner. Analog meters work well for periodic monitoring of electricity consumption, as well as for month-to-month verification of billing accuracy.

Digital meters rely on more advanced, interactive “smart” technology to share electricity consumption information between homeowners and utility providers. They use wireless digital frequency networks to transfer data. The interactive nature of smart meters also enables power companies to manage consumption more efficiently, as well as adjust electricity loads when necessary to prevent circuit overloads.

Electrical Meter Installation: What You Need to Know

Depending on where you live, the utility company may provide electrical meter installation service, or you may have the option to hire an electrical contractor to handle the job. Regardless, an electric meter installation does require some skill, as well as an understanding of the code requirements in your jurisdiction. When performed by trained experts, a meter installation is typically a fast, efficient procedure that may only require the homeowner to do without electrical power for a short time.

Some of the factors involved in an electric meter installation include determining the location of the meter base and poles — for example, both the base and pole will have to meet height requirements. The installer will also need to be sure the entrance cable complies with panel size amperage specifications. Basic installation steps entail connecting the feeder wires, wiring the load side of the meter and connecting the ground and neutral wires.

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If you reside in Pelham, NY or anywhere else in Westchester County or the Tri-State area, prompt, efficient, safe electric meter installation service is always just a phone call away. For more than 30 years, Lippolis Electric has met the needs of homeowners throughout the region. Our team of expertly trained certified electricians can handle installation projects of all types and sizes — no job is too large or small for us!

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