Doorbell Installation

You probably don’t give your home’s doorbell much thought — until a visitor must pound on your front door to get your attention because your bell doesn’t work! If you need to replace or upgrade a doorbell or install one in a new home, you have a choice between a wired or wireless unit. If you live in Pelham, NY or elsewhere in Westchester County, Lippolis Electric is your best source for a professional doorbell installation at a competitive price.

Wired Doorbell Installation Guidelines

A hardwired doorbell connects to your home’s existing electrical wiring. A wired doorbell system consists of three components: the button outside your home that visitors press to ring the bell, the chimes that produce the ringing sound and the transformer. A transformer is a small box that “steps down” the voltage, typically from 120 volts — or 240 volts in some homes — to the 10 or 20 volts required for most wired doorbell systems. You can purchase these as individual components or as complete kits ranging in price from around $20 to $200.

A new wired doorbell installation can be a relatively simple or more complex task. If you’re using an existing transformer, typically located in an attic, basement or utility room, the process involves shutting off the bell’s power supply at the circuit breaker box, removing the button and chimes and connecting the low-voltage wires to the new components. When finished, test the doorbell installation by turning on the power and pressing the button.

While an installation that does not entail a transformer replacement is a fairly easy do-it-yourself project, replacing an existing transformer is a bit trickier, as a higher voltage is typically required. Unless you’re sure of what you’re doing, it’s best to contact a professional electrician to handle this type of doorbell installation project.

What About a Wireless Doorbell Installation?

Installing a wireless doorbell may be your best option if your home does not already have a doorbell in place, as you won’t have to worry about cutting holes in walls or dealing with the other hassles involved with running new wiring. Wireless doorbell systems feature a button with a built-in radio transmitter that eliminates the need for a transformer. They include chime units that plug into a wall outlet, which gives you the flexibility to place them in just about any room in your home. The wireless doorbell installation process involves snapping the button unit into place and plugging in the chime box receiver.

“Smart” Doorbells Are Also Available

You can also purchase a Wi-Fi-capable “smart” doorbell system you can monitor and control with your smartphone or tablet. The installation steps include placing the button unit outside the door and syncing it with your Wi-Fi router and mobile device.

Lippolis Electric Offers Comprehensive Doorbell Installation Service in Westchester, NY

No matter which type of doorbell system you choose for your home, you can trust the experts at Pelham, NY-based Lippolis Electric to perform fast, flawless, affordable installation. Contact us to schedule your doorbell installation service appointment today.

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