How to Remove or Replace Your Home’s Old Intercom System

Does your home security setup include an intercom system? While an intercom does add an extra layer of protection for you and your family, the technology has come a long way in a short period of time. If you still have an old intercom system in the house, it’s probably not meeting your current security needs. And a broken intercom can be an eyesore that serves no real purpose — other than detracting from the appearance of your property!

What Can You Do With an Old Home Intercom System?

Your options for dealing with a broken or outdated intercom include the following:

  • Hiding: Keeping in mind the adage, “out of sight, out of mind,” the easiest, least costly and least time-consuming approach to dealing with an old intercom is to remove it from sight. You could conceal it with a hutch or picture, or if you’re feeling ambitious, you could paint over it so it blends with the rest of the room’s décor. If your system consists of multiple stations, finding the best concealment solution for each one can pose a bigger challenge. And while hiding your intercom will resolve the visibility issue, it won’t offer much in the way of protection.
  • Removing: Another option is to physically remove the intercom system. Depending on the type of system, this can be a simple or much more complicated endeavor. For instance, if your intercom is the kind that plugs into a wall or operates via battery power, you could probably handle the task yourself, even if you have little technical expertise. A hardwired intercom poses a greater challenge, as the unit is likely integrated with your home’s electrical circuitry.
  • Replacing: If you still wish to enjoy the security benefits a home intercom provides, you can choose to upgrade to a more technologically advanced system. The latest products include innovative features, such as the combination of an audio component with live video streaming, enabling you to see as well as hear who is at your door. If you’re not familiar with the inner workings of a modern intercom system, consider enlisting the services of a professional to perform the installation for you.

How to Remove an Old Intercom System from a House

If you decide to remove your intercom system, you’ll first need to determine the system type. As mentioned, if you have an AC or battery-powered system, the process involves unplugging the unit or removing the battery. In the latter situation, if taking out the battery does not disarm the intercom system, then you likely have a hardwired system that requires additional removal steps, which you’ll need a licensed electrician to complete.

The intercom system removal may leave holes in the wall. If the holes are less than one and a half inches in diameter, you can putty over the opening, then cover the dried putty with paint. For larger holes, apply a plaster or drywall patch to provide a stable surface for the putty. Sand the dried putty and repaint to match the color of the room. Repeat the process for all connected intercom system stations in your home.

Home Intercom Replacement Ideas

You have numerous choices if you choose to replace or convert an old intercom system. Examples include:

  • Intercom starter kit: If you want to upgrade or replace your current intercom and are happy with nothing more than a basic “no frills” system that provides front-door security, an intercom starter kit consisting of a master station, weatherproof door station and AC transformer can provide a cost-effective, easy-to-install solution.
  • Wireless intercom with video: If you want the additional security an intercom with video can offer, a wireless system will “digitize” your door’s peephole. You’ll be able to view live video feeds from various locations inside your home.
  • Touchscreen video intercom: A touchscreen video intercom enables you to receive video at multiple monitor screens so you can see your visitors, as well as have the ability to buzz them in just by touching the screen. Many of these systems also include multiple alarm inputs that can be triggered to set off an alarm if an intruder attempts to enter your home.
  • Wireless DVR security camera with intercom: This type of system includes intercoms connected to indoor/outdoor cameras that provide images to an LCD monitor or even a television set. Many feature motion detection capabilities that will trigger the cameras to begin recording when they detect movement.
  • Replace an intercom system with speakers: If you’re an audiophile, replacing your old intercom system with high-quality speakers connected to a central sound system will allow you to enjoy your favorite music in targeted areas of your home.

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