Electrical Maintenance


We’ll help you keep your generator working properly, so it’s there when you really need it.

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Preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid a major equipment failure. We’ll help you fix potential problems before they happen.

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Some electrical systems can only be properly worked on when they’re energized. Our team has the knowledge and experience to do so safely.

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We have the skill and knowledge of energy control and grounding to safely de-energizing systems to perform electrical work.

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Tegg Certified Monitoring Programs

Lippolis Electric is a Tegg-Certified Dealer, which means we offer not only high-quality elecrical system maintenance, but also monitoring systems that will help you protect your electrical distribution systems, keeping your facility running smoothly through any power interruptions.

Tegg provides custom monitoring solutions that are built to fit individual business needs and help avoid unplanned power outages and electrical fires in your facility. The best way to keep your system running smoothly is through preventative maintenance, and Tegg soluitions, provided by Lippolis Electric, will help you identify potential issues before they start.

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Electrical System Maintenance

Timely maintenance is essential for keeping any type of electrical power unit or system operating at peak efficiency, while reducing the risk of a breakdown that could lead to a costly repair or replacement. Routine maintenance can also troubleshoot and rectify potential safety issues.

Lippolis Electric has more than 30 years of experience in executing various maintenance tasks for generators, and we also provide predictive and proactive care, as well as energized and de-energized service and inspections. You get the benefit of a comprehensive electrical system analysis performed by our knowledgeable, frequently trained technicians who know what it takes to keep your system fully functional — and safe.


Predictive and Proactive Care

Lippolis Electric are experts in the predictive and proactive maintenance modes, each of which offers its own unique benefits. Predictive maintenance can be compared to a checkup performed by a physician. It involves the use of sophisticated ultrasonic electrical testing equipment to gather information that provides a clear indication of the overall health of a machine or system.

Proactive maintenance takes a more systematic approach that seeks to control issues that lead to premature equipment wear. It involves the use of sophisticated infrared measuring equipment by certified level one Thermographers to gather heat related data indicating the source and nature of heat related performance anomalies.

We can recommend the best maintenance process for your needs, which often includes a balanced combination of these two methodologies.

Energized Service and Inspection

Whether it’s due to configuration or loading issues, many electrical systems can only be analyzed while they’re energized, which means they must be connected to an electrical source. Our technicians have the skill, training and specialized equipment required to perform energized service and inspection work in a safe manner, while also ensuring that the job is done with the necessary thoroughness and accuracy.

De-Energized Service and Inspection

De-energized service and inspections take place when the unit or system has been disconnected from the power source. De-energizing involves much more than simply shutting the system down. Proper de-energizing entails meeting all hazardous energy control requirements, along with the complete grounding of the system.

Lippolis Electric has the capability to conduct comprehensive de-energized service and inspections when applicable, such as when splicing underground cables or working on electrical networking.

Generator Maintenance

A backup generator can literally be a lifesaver in the event of an unexpected power outage — but only if it’s working properly. We can perform regular maintenance on natural gas, propane and diesel generators that can detect signs of minor issues before they can turn into major problems. We will perform essential generator maintenance steps such as replacing worn-out parts, checking fluid levels, changing fuel and air filters and testing load banks.

You will get the peace of mind of knowing that your backup generators will be ready to go whenever you need them.

ChargePoint Installation

Green energy is becoming a part of our daily lives. For this reason, Lippolis Electric has expanded many of our service offerings to incorporate green initiatives like energy-efficient lighting, energy rebate programs, and electric car charging stations.

ChargePoint Stations allow members of your household or community easily and conveniently charge their electric-powered vehicles. Whether you’re adding a ChargePoint to a city street, a company parking lot, or your home garage, Lippolis Electric can help you ensure your charging station is properly installed, grounded, and set up to help you further reduce our impact on the environment.

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