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At Lippolis Electric we provide professional, quality service to you. Please feel free to review the following testimonials from our previous jobs.


“Hey Mike, I got a chance to get out there and see the job. Those guys are great! Very clean, super neat, and it’s hard to tell they were ever inside the house except for the neat wiring they did.  Thanks a lot.  Your guys are the best contractors in Westchester!”


“Dear Mr. Lippolis, I am writing this unsolicited letter in praise of Mike McKenna for making our major house renovation a very pleasant experience and a great success. Among other things, Mike helped us with a major electrical update in the house, including replacement of the old knob-and-tube wiring with new, and updated circuit-breaker box/outlets/switches/light fixtures/etc.  In short, Mike has been knowledgeable and willing to help with advice, both when asked and when it was appropriate to suggest approach or alternatives, friendly, on time, and always doing his best (and succeeding) to accomodate our schedule and working in sync with a few other contractors at all times.  Top notch work, clean, precise, etc. We are very happy that Mike and the crew helped us with our electrical needs.  We will gladly keep you in mind when additional work is needed.  We have already and will continue to recommend your business to others.”


“Hi Anthony, Your guys just finished the job and left, and I just want to thank you and let you know what a pleasure it was having them here.  They were really fantastic! I’ll put the check in the mail first thing tomorrow.”


“Thank you for the prompt efficient manner in which my repair was done.  The tech arrived in the scheduled time slot.  He analyzed the problem, relayed any concern about safety, and promised the repair would be completed by the end of the day.  Chris and his assistant were polite, professional, and courteous as they did the repair.  They answered all my questions and went the extra mile to get the job finished.  Thank you and well done!” 


“To whom it may concern,

In the planning process of removing an interior wall and renovating our kitchen, we have been interviewing various trades’ people, including general contractors, cabinet makers, electricians, plumbers, glass & mirror people, flooring specialists, etc.  In the hours of interviewing, while I found most of the people to be knowledgable in their craft, too many were not good businessmen and most lacked good customer relation skills.  Having worked in business my entire adult life, I found the overall experience unpleasant. The one exception out of close to two dozen individuals was your foreman, Mike McKenna.  He was the first one I enjoyed having in my home, and with whom I enjoyed chatting.  He did not come across as a “bs” artist.  He also did not have the attitude, as others had when they showed up, that I had already taken up too much of their time, and they seemed to have one foot out the door when they arrived. He was knowledgable, but more than that, he was pleasant!  He was appropriately interested, informative, insightful, and had useful comments.  It was a rare, enjoyable experience.  Renovating one’s home is an intimate experience.  It is helpful that anyone coming in is sufficiently professional, pleasant, and respectful.”

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